Posted by HEI Network Security Team

An internal investigation concluded Sunday evening and has determined that The Hei Network server had been hacked by unknown agents where additional Minion Cartoon characters have been added to the website. Icons were changed and pop up ads for minions were inserted before you could access certain pages. The site is now personally under review by Hei CEO Tim Heidecker who hopes to shore the site’s security measures up “It was very concerning to see how these hackers breached our servers and disrespectfully added Minions to the site without our permission” Webmaster Matt Newman, who initially built the site with his associate Chris had failed to install proper security matters and their future involvement with the site’s management is under review.

Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from yellow single-celled organisms into beings which exist only to serve history's most evil masters.[7] After rolling a into a volcano, getting their caveman leader eaten by a cave bear, crushing a under a pyramid after constructing it upside-down, exposing Count Dracula to sunlight, and accidentally firing a cannon into while in Russia, the Minions are driven into isolation and start a new life in a massive cave. After many years, the Minions become depressed and unmotivated without a master to serve. To regain their dignity and sense of purpose, Kevin decides to set out to find a new master and asks for help, and recruits Stuart and Bob.

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