Hei Network Officially Honors Christmas

Posted by Hei News Staff Reporter

In a younanimous vote The entire staff has agreed to disobey California law and honor Christmas as a holiday this year leading many to recognize Hei as a leader in free speech and religious liberty.

Hei Network, which will launch 24 hour programming in 2021 is the leader in online coverage of politics news music and movies. Check out our exclusive interview with mister movies, Axiom.

Since launching earlier this month Hei Broadcasting has seen rapid growth with a large number of visitors to their website heinetwork.tv

This Christmas will be a special one for the Hei Five as well as all others working hard on be half of Hei TV.

Merry Christmas and happy new year form ever one at Hei Inc and Hei Broadcasting/ the Hei Tv Network.. I no longer have any respect for this court. The whole thing is a joke.” President DonaldTrump could not reached for comment at this time.

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