HEI OPINIONS: A Jury Of Our Piers

Posted by HEI Chief Content Developer

Our American Consitution is a sacred document created by our founding fathers 200 years ago and set the stage for what we call Amercian Exceptionalism which has one wars and have become a beacon of freedom for the whole world to see. But now it’s under attack and it has itself to blame. Friday, at some point, one of the 3 branches of government aka the Supreme Court which was created by the constitution, incorrectly ruled that President Trump cannot be the next president (a fact which is incorrect if you consider the massive and proven voter fraud, including interference from Iran and Iraq as well as china ) This disaster highlights an obvious problem with the Supreme Court which needs immediate fixing. The central problem is: Why doesn’t a Jury decide this instead of just one judge?

As a successful attorney, I know that a judge is important to establish the rules of the court but it is ultimately the jury who decides. A Jury is a group of 9 peers who must all decide if someone is guilty or innocent. If one person on that jury cannot agree then the case is overturned and the person accused of whatever the situation was will be found innocent, which, in the case of Donald Trump, would be him: Therefor he would be declared winner, as any sensible jury would immediacy see the facts as they were.

We must immediately create an amendment to the Consitution adding a Jury to the Supreme Court. IF we do this Now (before the end of the year) we can be assured that our constitution is as sacred as we hope for it to be

Tim Heidecker, CEO of Hei Inc.,  
Former Candidate For District Attorney
Chief Content Developer for Hei Network.

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