VFA Flop Site Continues To Dissapoint

Posted by Hei News Staff

Movie lovers across the globe remained disappointed late Tuesday evening as the reality sunk in: VFI’s new website simply doesn’t matter and doesn’t work.  The website, which launched to great disappointment and failure early Tuesday was not much more than a few images of allegedly stolen video tapes and a list of movies to watch on Christmas, even though many are staying you should not watch any movies on Christmas, instead, those should spend time with family and friends

Further examining of the VFA site uncovers a weak attempt to locate Mark Porn who was missing since last year and is either dead or living with his brothers in the midwest, hiding from VFA owner Gregg Torkington

When asked if they plan to revise the site any time soon, many people said they had seen enough and they were much more likely to just get all their movie information from http://HEInetwork.tv which now employs Mister Movies himsleld Axiom. Hei Nework’s site which has been successful at removing Minons from the site has experience much appreciation since it’s launching and continues to become a major player with it’s expected launch early next year.  Stay tuned for more information on this as it becomes available by signing up for our newsletter and clearing vfa.expert from your cache.

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